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Police looking for man who lost his bank roll
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Manteca Police have been unable to contact the man who lost his $2,200 bank roll at a fast food restaurant on May 3 with the good news that KHOP 95.1 radio listeners and the El Pollo Loco corporate office in Southern California want to help.

One Manteca detective said he keeps missing the man when he tries to contact him on the telephone – possibly the wrong time frame since he works in the Bay Area.

The Top 40s station aired the story and reportedly has had calls from numerous listeners that want to contribute to the man’s loss in the restaurant’s parking lot.  The corporate office in Southern California was quoted as saying they would either match what the public donated or in the end cover the entire loss for their customer.

The bank roll fell from the man’s seat as he exited his vehicle to get dinner for his parents.  He had said he had been at Walmart prior to going to get dinner and had given $10 to a woman on the corner asking for money.  It was difficult to put the money back into his pocket as he was driving, he said, and put it on the seat between his legs.

He realized the money was gone when he went to pay for his order at the fast food counter and ran back to his car but the money was gone.  Store security cameras captured images of another motorist picking up the roll of cash and went into the store and ordered behind the victim.

The security camera tape was also aired on at least one TV station.