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Power outage plunges homes into darkness
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Hundreds of Manteca homeowners went without power Monday night after a power foul up blacked out several city blocks around the Manteca Police Department – encompassing all of Mayors Park and the majority of the businesses along Center Street from Union Road all the way down to the Manteca Skate Park.

Shortly after 7 p.m., homeowners experienced an outage that included flickering lights before total blackness encompassed the neighborhood – taking out streetlights, traffic signals, and residential and commercial power supplies.

A PG&E representative said that total restoration was expected shortly after 8 p.m., and noted that the outage was most likely caused by a blown fuse – stating that if a motorist had taken out a power pole or a transformer it would likely take much longer to restore power to the affected area.

Manteca Fire Department personnel responded to a rural property on Airport Way between Yosemite and Louise Avenues, but no signs of downed power lines were evident in the area at the time.