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Prayer Valley helps feed needy near Library Park
Valley church foodDSC 8795 edited-1
Volunteer Ron Corbin, himself seeing hard times, leaves Prayer Valley Church with two bags of food on his handlebars. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

Ron Corbin was getting ready to bicycle from the Prayer Valley Church food distribution effort last week across from Library Park to his brother’s home with  bags of food on the handle bars.

Corbin also volunteers giving back as he has continually been part of the team handing out Second Harvest Food Bank bags of fruits, vegetables and basic foodstuffs to the less fortunate.  He’s quick to admit he’s a member of Alcoholics Anonymous trying to change his life for the better.

One last family arrived for food just before closing time and asked for a watermelon.  There were none left, but Corbin knew he had one that he had put aside for himself.  He didn’t think twice about getting that melon and giving it to the family he felt needed it more than he did.

As the small food bank was closing down, it was Corbin who was rushing around collapsing the folding tables and chairs and carrying them by himself into a church storage area. Anyone watching his work ethic couldn’t help but smile.

Joey Tafoya has served as director of the food closet for the last three years with his wife Diane at his side. 

“Sometimes we have families who live in the park,” Diane said.  “There can be mom and dad and grandparents along with kids. You never know who is passing through.”

Tafoya recalled one lady who is a regular in her wheelchair, stopped in front of the small church with a cake for the volunteers to show that she was grateful for their service.

He added that Prayer Valley is just one of the many churches throughout Manteca that provides food for those in need. Many of those needy folks have established a route to pick up more food throughout the community.