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Pre X-Fest Comedy Jam takes place
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MODESTO — Some of the hottest comedians around California are heading to The Fat Cat this Friday  for the Pre X-Fest Comedy Jam at The Fat Cat, 930 11th St.

They include:

• Dan R. Wilson, a San Francisco Bay Area comedian with a knack for relating to and engaging audiences. Dan has been a finalist in the Improv Comedy Competition, the Killer Laughs Comedy Competition, and is a regular performer in comedy clubs and college campuses from Los Angeles to Alaska.

Wilson has also shared the stage with national headliners Robin Williams, Jim Breuer, Bobby Slayton, Robert Schimmel, Jay Mohr, Willie Barcena..., Al Jackson, and Godfrey, just to name a few.

• Austin Hodge is one of Sacramento’s hottest up and coming comedians. Known for his left field deliveries, Austin is also the host of open mic On the Y and can be found there most Sundays. When in the mood for entertainment this is one comedian that doesn’t disappoint. Leaving no topic sacred, he’s not for the faint of heart. Catch him at The Punchline or Laughs Unlimited if you’re in the area.

• Ivan Garcia and Pablo Oseguera are two of the Bay Area’s favorite comics. Normally found in individual doses at The Purple Onion or The Improv in San Jose, they’ll be showcasing an act that’s starting to get a following: A double set. A dynamic presentation, their progressive approach to comedy is a defining aspect of great comedians.

• Tom Bickle hails from Valley Springs, but has taken the stage all over California. His website is one of the best websites for everything comedy in the central valley and surrounding areas. An observational and conversational comedian, his ability to engage any crowd always leaves him as a favorite of his audiences.

•Ruben Porras is a professional writer, marketing geek and photographer that got into comedy by accident. A walk-on at an Indian restaurant and a few jokes about a giant guy at the bar and Cabbage Patch Kids somehow led him believe that he was funny enough to pull it off. In his free time he travels and tries to make people listen to his ramblings, eats tacos and smiles like a fool. He almost died. That is the sad part. But hey, didn’t we all almost die once or twice? Let’s give this guy a hand! Look for Ruben in the ModestoView magazine as “ModestoFamous.”

• El Roberto has often been referred to as “funny, but with gorgeous hair”. He will be debuting his freshest material and reminding us why he’s Modesto’s favorite host. It’s been rumored that Europe’s song. Final Countdown, was written about his last trip to a brothel and the subsequent chain of events that left only the patrons, madam, and himself alive. It all started with...well, you’ll find out at the show won’t you?

Unleashed will be performing songs and warming up the stage for X-Fest the following day.