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Private funds will change date on Ripon signs
RipSignDSC 2143
Private donations through the Ripon Historical Society are changing the “Inc. 1945” to the date when the town was first incorporated. - photo by GLENN KAHL
RIPON — “Established in 1874” will soon replace “Incorporated in 1945” on the recently erected historical arches spanning the road at two entrances to the city on both Main Street and Stockton Avenue.

John Mangelos representing the Ripon Historical Society went before the city council this week to gain approval for the change to be paid for through private donations.

He explained that the date of incorporation of the city will be moved up just beneath the city seal on the arches with the date the community was established to be across the bottom of the arch.

United Sign Systems of Modesto is providing the new lettering at cost with the installation at no cost to the city, Mangelos said.  There will be no cost to the city, he added.

Letters on signs are generally good for two years, however the sign company is guaranteeing them indefinitely, he said.  It was in 1874 that Ripon’s postal address was established, some years after a group of Mormons were said to have settled in the community just west of the Stanislaus River.  History indicates they left the area after being flooded out just west of what is now the Highway 99 bridge.