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Provisional ballots may change primary leaders
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Provisional ballots cast in the June 3 primary elections may still change the final election returns for four supervisorial candidates in San Joaquin County.

San Joaquin Registrar of Voters Austin G. Erdman said Wednesday they are still in the process of counting the 2,100 provisional ballots received.

 “We’re working on them now,” he said of hand-counting involved in processing the 2,100 provisional ballots received. Each ballot takes at least five to 10 minutes of handling depending on a number of factors.

The results will not change the names of the candidates who will face each other in the run-off elections in November, but the final numbers will paint a clearer picture of how the voters made their choices.

In the Board of Supervisors District #4, candidate Kathy Miller is only 357 votes ahead of candidate Paul Canepa after the all the ballots in all of the precincts were counted. It remains to be seen whether Miller will be able to maintain her lead after the provisional ballots are counted.

The same may turn out to be true in the district #2 supervisorial race. Ripon Mayor Charles “Chuck” Winn captured 1,109 more votes after the final tally over that of contender Russ Munson.

With more than 4,000 votes separating top vote getter James Mousalimas and Jeff Tilton in what started as a three-way contest, the two candidates who were the top two clear winners in the San Joaquin County Superintendent position, the provisional ballots will not be a issue. Third candidate Michael Gillespie finished a distant third.

Erdman said he expects all provisional ballots to be counted by June 27 but added they will probably finish counting before that date.

There are a number of reasons why a ballot ends up being provisional. Voters have moved out of district, or have not registered at their polling place, or that they voted by mail and yet their ballots showed up at their polling place.