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Raindrops sharpen fall foliage in downtown
Droplets of rain on golden gingko leaves in downtown Manteca look like glinting diamonds courtesy of Mother Nature. - photo by ROSE ALBANO RISSO

When it rains, it just drizzles. So far, that’s how the wet weather has been in the parched and drought-ravaged Northern San Joaquin Valley during the current fall season. But, as a Bay Area radio newscaster commented the other day, we’re grateful for every little rain.

Per weather forecasts, we will continue to continue our blessings raindrop by tiny raindrop today until Saturday. 

Today is supposed to bring more chances of rain showers in the evening followed by a slight chance of rain showers after midnight.

That’s pretty much what the forecasts are promising us, with another slight chance of rain in the evening on Friday, then a chance of rain after midnight. Rain showers are expected on mostly cloudy Saturday, the last precipitation to wet the ground in these areas before the weather turns mostly sunny followed by clear to mostly clear skies through Wednesday next week and Thanksgiving Day.

The persisting light-rain weather offers a bit of silver lining. The lack of heavy rain and storms accompanied by strong winds mean the fall-foliage show is being extended for shutterbugs and for those who simply enjoy the colorful sights of autumn. Tree City Manteca has plenty of trees everywhere that offer a visual feast of colors, including downtown. A simple windshield tour will give you glimpses of golden yellow ginkgo trees on Maple Avenue, bright red Chinese pistache trees in and around Wilson Park and along West Center Street from North Main to Poplar Avenue, and even along Yosemite Avenue.

With the Family City boasting nearly 20,000 street and park trees, there’s never a shortage of colorful fall foliage. Enjoy them before Old Winter snatches them into the gray world of fog-shrouded valley.