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RDA helps 1,055 seniors make house repairs
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Editor’s note: This is part of an occasional series on the Manteca Redevelopment Agency.

The Manteca Redevelopment Agency’s grants to moderate-income senior households have allowed improvements to 1,055 homes since 1989.

That represents one out of every 23 Manteca housing units that has benefited directly from RDA funds. Since its inception the RDA has pumped nearly $3 million into homes in the form of grants or loan assistance to repair and rehabilitate housing.

The program allows $5,000 per 12-month period with up to $10,000 per senior household to help make health- and safety-related repairs. The program is based on the assumption senior homeowners on limited income would be hard pressed to secure loans and that by investing the RDA money they could prevent blight from taking hold.

The money typically is used for things such as heating and air conditioning, wheelchair ramps, energy efficiency improvements such as new windows and structural issues including helping with a new roof.

Repairs that include landscaping, window coverings, paint and other activity that is not necessary to determine if a home is in a suitable living conditions will be given low priority and funded according to the availability of RDA money.

Twenty percent of all RDA tax receipts must be put aside for affordable housing programs under state law.
Homeowners have to be 60 years or older and have been a resident of Manteca for two years to qualify.

Eligible homeowners at or below the 50 percent area median income level would receive a grant of up to $5,000 during a 12-month period with the maximum not to exceed $10,000 for the ownership of the unit. The amount would be forgiven after five years if the loan does not go into default. The loan is in default when the home sells, it is refinanced, title is transferred or it is no longer used as a primary residence.

Eligible homeowners at 50 percent of the average median income and below 80 percent would be able to apply for a loan of up to $5,000 in one year and $10,000 overall. The terms of the loan would be a 10-year deferred loan with interest starting the second year of the loan with 3 percent interest rates. Payments would be deferred for 18 months.

Applicants at 80 percent of the average median income and below 120 percent could also apply for $5,000 loans and up to $10,000 overall. It would consist of a 10-year loan with monthly payments carrying a 3 percent interest rate. Payments would be deferred for six months.

The median income for 2010 is as follows:

• 50 percent for one person is $21,400.

• 50 percent for two persons is $24,500.

• 80 percent for one person is $42,900.

• 80 percent for two persons is $49,000.

• 120 percent for one person is $51,500.

• 20 percent for two persons is $58,900.

The funds are part of the RDA money the city captured through property tax that would otherwise have gone to the state.