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Reggie Ginn promoting mini-tour on Sacramento KMAX-31 channel
Reggie Ginn – aka Mary Wells – is a former Manteca Idol finalist. - photo by Photo Contributed

Could vampires in love be the jumping off-point for a successful music career?

Reggie Ginn certainly hopes so.

The local singer-songwriter – who won acclaim during Manteca Idol’s inaugural season performing as Mary Wells – is taking to the airwaves on Saturday morning to perform on Good Day Sacramento promoting a mini-tour which will take her to the Twilight/New Moon Convention in Seattle.

You can view the segments live on Comcast Channel 12 – the local feed for Sacramento’s KMAX-31. It can also be viewed on-line at

“I’ve been doing a lot of shows at Hot Topic which kind of opened the doors to the Twilight opportunity,” Ginn said. “Which was good because a lot of my music fits with that theme because it seems to be kind of darker. I’m looking forward to the opportunity for the exposure.

“There is a worldwide audience for the books and the movies, and lots of teenagers follow that. Hopefully it will give some people a chance to hear my music that wouldn’t typically get to.”

Ginn – who now resides in Sacramento – will be playing a show next week at the downtown Luna Club before departing on a swing through the Pacific Northwest that will take her through Portland for two stops before landing her in Seattle for the massive convention.

She will also be performing at another Twilight/New Moon convention in Sacramento at the end of the month, and has hopes to hook up with other dates in the state if possible.

But while the massive amount of exposure that the vampire-themed franchise will provide an outstanding opportunity to branch out, Ginn says that she just enjoys playing her music in places where she can appeal to a wide range of people.

“The Twilight Saga is huge right now, and I was just happy that my music could be a part of that,” Ginn said. “Hopefully this performance on Good Day Sacramento can generate some publicity for that and the return at the end of the month.”

Ginn’s new album – Sing for the Voiceless – is available for download on and, and will be available for purchase with official merchandise at any of her upcoming shows. For more information or a complete list of sites and dates, visit her MySpace page at