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Reward posted for information for Lathrop mans safe return
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LATHROP – It’s been more than a week since 69-year-old Jarnail Singh wandered away from the Lathrop home of his son.

And despite a lengthy search by Lathrop Police officers and a media blitz – as well as a $2,500 reward from the family for information leading to his safe return – he hasn’t been seen since.

The Indian immigrant, who came to the United States just over a month ago and does not speak English, was last seen leaving the Mossdale Landing-area home of Shamsher Singh at 2 p.m. on February 27 to take a walk. He never returned, and a search of the area by family members fearing that he might have lost his way turned up no clues.

According to Lathrop City Councilman Sonny Dhaliwal – who took a proactive role in the search early on – the worry that initially set in for the family members has started to turn to dread as more time has passed without any word on his location or his safety.

“Right now the police don’t have any leads or anything like that. They’ve searched the city and haven’t found anything,” Dhaliwal said. “The family is very worried and concerned – I think we all are at this point. It’s a scary situation, and I hope that everything turns out okay.”

Despite Singh’s advanced age, he’s not believed to suffer from any memory-related ailments like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Unfamiliarity with his surroundings was initially thought to have played a role.

While the search continues, Lathrop Police Services Chief Eric Holman encourages anybody that may have seen Singh to contact his department so the leads can be followed up on immediately. Current information like a sighting, Holman said, can help officers establish a timeline and move towards the ultimate goal of returning the man home to his family, alive.

Anybody that has seen Singh or knows of his whereabouts is encouraged to contact Lathrop Police Services at (209) 858-5551 or Shamsher Singh at (209) 247-3790.