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City closes in on state-mandated reduction
Ripon has turned off the Mistlin Sports Park water play feature until further notice. - photo by HIME ROMERO

The goal for the City of Ripon for water usage is a 36 percent reduction.

That’s also the state requirement during this severe drought. Last month, Ripon just missed on those numbers, reducing consumption by 34 percent as compared to May 2013.

Manteca in May reduced water use 34 percent exceeding the state mandated 32 percent for that city. Lathrop also topped the state-imposed goal of a 20 percent cutback by reducing water use by 24 percent.

“Being that this is the first of many reports, the City and its residents have stepped up in conservation efforts,” said Director of Public Works Ted Johnston.

Last week, the Ripon City Council approved the Water Conservation Program calling for additional mandatory measures by the City.

Johnston noted that information that calls for additional mandatory measures by the City will be sent out to folks via post card or mailer this week.

Providing such information will play a big role, according Councilman Mike Restuccia. “(Education) is the key in meeting state mandate percentages for the months and even years to come,” he said.

Furthermore, a workshop on “How to Reduce Residential Landscape Water Use” is scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday, June 20, in the Council Chambers, 259 N. Wilma Ave.

Besides tougher restrictions, the City hired a Water Conservation Coordinator not too long ago to notify and assist residents on the latest water ordinances or assisting the use of their irrigation timers.

Landscape is where most of the water is used by residents, Mayor Leo Zuber said.

Elected leaders decided last month that it was OK to stay on a three-times-a-week water schedule but with the caveat of the state possibly calling for a cut down to a twice or once-a-week schedule.

“In doing the math, if residents watch water use and only water three days a week the City can meet the 36 percent state required reduction rate,” said Zuber.

Johnston added that his department is in the process of hiring a second Water Conservation Coordinator.


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