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Ripon Bluffs seeks permits for parking
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The residential area known as the Ripon Bluffs near the entrance to the Stanislaus River bicycle crossing can sometimes have an overflow of parked cars.
Councilman Mark Winchell took notice, recalling numerous vehicles in area, in particular, during the spring and summer months.
“We welcome people to come here but we can’t have them park in the open field,” he said at Tuesday’s Ripon City Council meeting.
Police Chief Ed Ormonde indicated this to be the area most interested in the proposed Residential Parking Permit Program.
The proposal is still a work in progress. For starters, the current Ripon Municipal Code that specially prohibits parking permits would have to be repealed, according to Ormonde.
“Be careful for what you wish,” said Councilman Leo Zuber, remembering his days as superintendent of the Ripon Unified School District when parking permits were once required in the residential area near Ripon High.
Neighbors there found permits for parking residents and their guests” imposed too many restrictions,” he said.
Ormonde indicated that the proposed ordinance, if approved, would also call for limited parking.
“An ordinance would include an application to the program, a parking study of the designated area, a voting component involving the residences of the designated area, and issuance of parking permits,” he said.
Elected leaders approved staff proceeding with working on the proposed Residential Parking Permit Program.
“We’re hoping to have this ordinance in front of Council by the January meeting,” Ormonde said.