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Ripon Elementary School graduates 47 eighth graders
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Some 47 eighth-grade students at Ripon Elementary School were honored Thursday inside the Ripon High Multi-Purpose Room.
It was there they received their certificate of promotion, filing in during the processional before family, friends and special guests.
One special guest was Anna Pedersen. The Ripon High senior served as the alumni guest speaker.
The program kicked off with Principal Michael Larson leading those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Brendan Lan and Alondra Martinez shared the duties of the welcome speech. Martinez accommodated the bilingual folks, speaking her part in Spanish.
Trustee Ernie Tyhurst, on behalf of the Ripon Unified School District, accepted the Class of 2017 for the distribution of certificates of promotion.
Larsen had the honors of presenting the group.
The class song was Taylor Hicks’ “Do I Make You Proud?”
The graduating class consisted of the following:
Jacob Mohrman, Ethan Ahuna, Skyler Logan, Alondra Martinez, Kimara Perez, Gavin Black, Leilani Post, Andrew Pedersen, Cynthia Manzano, Maria Diaz.
Armando Loredo, Ngan Doan, Abigail Rangel, Melany Martinez, Maliah Rodriguez, Alexis Pulido, Emily Ahuna, Amaya Urias, Jeffrey Gregory, Marcus Ray, Mya Victor, Sofia Alas.
Josh Rich, Mikayla Gillotte, Sydney Flores, Molly Burton, Meredith Lundrigan, Carlos Tarango-Flores, Kali Spade, Johnathan Zoucha, Cameran Zamarron, Samuel Wilcox, Austin Bonilla, Madeline Azevedo.
Gavin Keane, Steven Jones, Devon Bacon, Hailey Loechler, Devynn Largent, Jesus Charamonte, Austin O’Sullivan, Brendan Lan, Makenzie Watson, Marco Herrera, Kailea Phelps, Mason Knight, and Derino Smith.