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Ripon eyes $5.7M in road work
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Some of the roads in Ripon have long been in dire need of repairs.
A few transit projects are also in the works.
Enter the Capital Improvement Program, which identifies the projects and funding sources for the next five years.
James Pease, who is the City of Ripon’s Engineering Supervisor, indicated 10 such projects totaling $5.7 million.
“These projects can be modified or changed based on priorities of the funding (by council) and the overall needs of the city,” he said.
Of that, $3.2 million is earmarked from local funds while $2.5 million would come from outside funds.
Ripon gets revenue from three sources – Measure K Renewal, San Joaquin County Regional Transit District, and the Highway Users Tax Apportionments.
The City typically kicks in $400,000 annually towards capital roadway projects, according to Pease.
He listed the following:
uThe Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal 2016 project for Spring Creek and Vermuelen Park. The work here will cover 2.9 miles of road currently in poor condition at an estimated cost of $600,000, and the Stockton Avenue Downtown Parking Lot behind Pizza Plus. Cost here is about $302,000 but would also include adding storm drains to prevent flooding.
uRegional Street projects such as River Road and Fulton Intersection improvement project and the Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project as top priorities. Outside sources along with city funds will help make possible both projects.
The Regional Surface Transportation Program is one of the funding sources for the Stockton Avenue Project.
Pease indicated that $877,000 in RSTP funds are being held pending a decision on the underfunded State Transportation Improvement Program.
“Due to the possibility of those funds returning, staff recommends that we wait rather than re-program the RSTP funds – this will give Council an opportunity to add any future projects to the Capital Improvement Program,” he said.
Those future projects include the Main Street Overcrossing enhancements and the roadway expansion at Jack Tone Road between Santos and River Road.
“The Main Street overcross would be more of a want rather than a need, especially if the cost is too high,” Mayor Jake Parks said.