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Ripon loses $4,000 during 4th celebration
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The City of Ripon enjoyed a memorable Fourth of July celebration.

But the festivities at the Mistlin Sports Park came at a cost.

According to City Clerk Lisa Roos, expenditures of over $26,000 were far greater in 2015 compared to that of the previous year due to the additional days.

The total revenue came out to almost $22,000, including nearly $12,000 of sales for carnival tickets. Donations and matching money offered up by local businessman and philanthropist Tony Mistlin made possible the pyrotechnic aerial display and event in 2014.

“(This year’s) Fourth of July had a net loss of $4,000 whereas the 2014 event had a net income of $1,500,” she said at last week’s Ripon City Council meeting.

To further explain that, Roos, in her recap, said what the city staff needed for the 2015 fireworks and carnival event was nearly $10,000 compared to over $3,000 in 2014.

“The tripling in staff was due to the three-day event instead of a one day (in 2014),” Mayor Leo Zuber said.

He praised this year’s Fourth of July as “very nice” – Zuber complimented Jeremiah North for his hard work and effort – but did not throw caution to the wind.

“If this event cannot bring in more money it won’t survive another year,” he said. “People have to understand that this is not a gift.

“It takes a lot of hard work.”

Donations, Zuber said, will keep the Fourth of July festivities alive in Ripon. He’s hoping for a new committee to step up and take over.

Ripon had over $9,000 in donations while forking out $1,450 for portable toilets, $1,600 for security personnel, and $2,000 for an event coordinator and expenses.

Elected leaders indicated a possibility that next year’s Fourth of July, which falls on a Monday, could again be a three-day weekend event.