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Ripon may keep administrators post vacant
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RIPON – After the resignation of Director of Curriculum Lisa Bojé, the Ripon Unified School District will use a multitude of other personnel to fill the role she once occupied.
Because of budget constraints, Superintendent Louise Nan said in a prepared letter to the Board of Education that Bojé’s vacant position would be better served if it were restructured to break up her previous responsibilities. It is something that could end up saving the district $30,000 this current fiscal year and $124,000 in 2009-10.
The Ripon Unified School Board will meet Monday, Jan. 12, at 7 p.m. at the Ripon High Multi-Purpose room to discuss the restructuring matter and the district’s other business.
“While the district has a clear policy for hiring administrators, it behooves us at this time to not go through the hiring process but eliminate the position and fill the duties with existing personnel with modifications to scheduling and job descriptions,” Nan wrote. “At such time when we are fiscally able to hire back an additional administrator, we would implement the board policy for any new administrative position.”
Bojé’s resignation marks the first time since Superintendent Leo Zuber retired that a district administrator has left .
It won’t exactly be easy to break up Bojé’s multitude of jobs.
As the director of curriculum, she was responsible for curriculum and instruction, maintenance and operations, and AERIES Data Base Management. Nan is proposing that the curriculum and instruction oversight be delegated to the two remaining administrators and that the AERIES management be redistributed to existing classified staff.
Also listed on the agenda is Nan’s request for the board to recommend a revised organizational chart, changes in job descriptions, and the appointment of existing personnel into new job descriptions. They are all things that could end up helping the district close their budget gap of more than $1 million.