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Ripon moves forward with North Pointe plans
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The North Pointe Specific Plan was finally approved on Tuesday.

The Ripon City Council voted 5-0 to adopt the vision for future development of a 310-acre plot in Ripon near the Mistlin Sports Park.

“This was a culmination of a year-long process,” said Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart, who thanked everyone involved in the plans, from staff, consultants, property owners and elected leaders.

Council also adopted a General Plan Amendment along a Rezone and Environmental Impact Report Certification.

EIR is a public document used by government agencies in the state, analyzing anything of potential significance that may negatively impact the proposed project. BaseCamp Environmental of Stockton handled the draft for the North Pointe EIR draft, with traffic and air quality being among the few concerns.

Zuidervaart indicated that changes on the land-use plan are subtle such as a new roundabout.

Residential buffers were added along Fulton Avenue to make for a pleasant transition for the existing residents across the way.

The plan also calls for a variety of single family residential for different density housing development. This would mean more homes for start-up families and seniors looking to stay in town.

The area north going towards Mistlin is now tabbed for more recreational uses.

In addition, Wayne Rasmussen of Rasmussen Planning Inc. believes the project will compliment that of the local businesses. He mentioned that a hotel or RV park could “support downtown.”

The sub-regional fee plan appears to be the only matter that still needs to be ironed out. But Zuidervaart hopes that will be taken care of in the coming months.

“We’re looking at early to mid September,” he said. “We’ll be working with our attorneys.”

North Pointe will be neighborhoods of mixed use, ranging from commercial, technology, office, recreation, entertainment, and residential.

This is the area bounded by the Mistlin Sports Park to the north, Fulton Avenue to the east, Highway 99 / Frontage Road to the south, and Jack Tone Road to the west.

During the workshops, North Pointe was sketched out as a place with plazas, Paseo and trails, boulevards, pedestrian parks, wider street and roundabouts.

“Staff and everyone did a good job (on the North Pointe Specific Plan),” Councilman Dean Uecker said. “I hope all of our citizens will be happy with this project.”