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Blossom Express bus service: Are all needs met?
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The Blossom Express transit service in Ripon currently operates on a regular Tuesday and Thursday schedule.

The 35-foot, 30-seat passenger bus makes routine stops in front of Ripon Elementary School, the Ripon Senior Center, Bethany Manor / Town Square, Chesapeake Landing and the Save Mart Shopping Center.

Services are extended on Thursdays to include the Ripon Library along with the Vintage Faire Mall and Target shopping center in Modesto.

“So far, it’s been well-received,” said Anthony Zepeda of the San Joaquin Council of Government’s Associated Regional Planner. “It takes time to get bus services established.”

SJCOG is currently doing its annual analysis on unmet transit needs, conducting a series of public hearings within the county. Zepeda was at Tuesday’s Ripon City Council meeting to take in any input or answer questions on this matter.

“We’re here to access the existing transit system and provide the tools for our jurisdiction,” he said.

No one came out for or against the process.

As for the Blossom Express, Deputy City Administrator/City Engineer Kevin Werner said ridership has been slowly building.

The routes are in the process of being tweaked, with a public workshop scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 3, at 6 p.m. in Ripon City Hall. The soft stops along way would include Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Modesto and West Santos Avenue and North Ripon Road and West Colony Road.

The proposed routes can be obtained by logging on to