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Board of Directors key to Bethany Homes success
The 1963 Bethany Home board of directors. - photo by Photo Contributed

Most all of the not-for-profit organizations in the United States operate with a Board of Directors.  In brief, it is the directors who are responsible for adhering to the Articles of Incorporation, for setting policy, for hiring the top level of management, and for ensuring financial stability.

Since its beginning, Bethany Home has been managed by a Board of Directors; committed and skilled people, who also happen to be volunteers!  The names of John De Vries, John Vrieling, Harold De Jong, Jennie Holfman, Teake Workman, Elena Spaman, Russell Douma, Orlinda Donker, Bert Van Dyken, John Vander Kraan, Charles Viss, William Boersma, and John De Jong will all be etched into history as the group of Directors who first opened the doors to Bethany Home in 1963.

Bethany Home is extremely blessed in having exceptional people over the years who have served as Directors.  Bethany has chosen to operate with thirteen individuals serving on its Board.  Each one is voted into office by the Society members.  They serve three-year terms, with a limit of two consecutive terms.

One can readily detect the presence of both men and women who serve on the Bethany Home Board of Directors; each offering a unique perspective, each bringing to the table a distinctive skill-set, each sharing their God-given gifts.  Every Director is dedicated to the particulars listed in the Mission Statement that serve to meet the needs of community seniors; needs that promote elder care of the highest possible quality, in a manner that is distinctly Christian, at prices that are affordable.

Finding good leaders who are willing to give freely of their time is not always an easy thing.  Whether it is church consistories, school boards, or other civic clubs, good leadership is hard to find.  At Bethany Home we thank God for our Board of Directors, past and present, who serve as the ‘Heart and Soul’ of our organization. A worthy mission, combined with passionate and dedicated leaders, is a formula for success in any business.