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Development plan for 310 acres 95% done
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Ninety-five percent of the North Pointe Specific Plan is completed.

Next up is the Infrastructure Financing and Implementation Plan for approximately 310 acre area in northeast Ripon along Highway 99 and frontage road to the south, Jack Tone Road to the west and Fulton Avenue to the east.

“(This) needs to be prepared in order to indentify how certain infrastructure and amenities will be funded,” said Ken Zuidervaart, who is the director of planning for the City of Ripon.

At last week’s Ripon City Council meeting, he indicated that staff had already contacted Goodwin Consulting Group to provide a scope of work to complete this task.

The City is no stranger to Goodwin, having worked with the Sacramento-based consulting firm in the past.

“They come with a proven track record and are highly qualified in this type of work,” Zuidervaart said.

Goodwin, in receiving Council approval – the vote was a unanimous 5-0 – will prepare a comprehensive and efficient financial plan following approval of the North Pointe Specific Plan in August, if the latter continues to go accordingly.

Part of that would be the “fair share” basis among benefiting properties, Zuidervaart said.

Goodwin is also planning to conduct three public meetings along with a Council session during the “Scope of Work” process.

North Pointe is a major project taking place in the northeast part around the Mistlin Sports Complex.

The Specific Plan, thus far, has been a sketch of neighborhoods with plazas, Paseo and trail, boulevards, pedestrian parks, wider streets and roundabouts. Also included in the plan is mixed commercial use and possibly hi-tech businesses or medical offices.

The total cost for North Pointe is $308,520. Included are Rasmussen Planning Inc. / Gates + Associated (Specific Plan contract, $184,000), Basecamp Environmental (Specific Plan Environmental Impact Report contract, $90,500), and Goodwin ($34,000).