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Jack Tone golf course improvements sought
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Jack Tone Golf Course could soon see some improvements.

But in order to do so, Jack Tone Golf LP is looking to meet with the Golf Course Capital Committee for allocation of revenues.

The only problem is that this committee has a few vacancies, including the one spot calling for a public member.

“Staff would have an option in how to make that appointment,” said Mayor Leo Zuber at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

This is the same committee that’s part of a policy established and approved by elected leaders back in January 2008 for the allocations of revenues from the Jack Tone Golf Course to a Capital Improvement Account.

The committee is made up of the City Administrator (Kevin Werner), City Engineer (Ken Zuidervaart), Recreation Director (Kye Stevens) and one member of the Council. Zuber, as mayor, is in charge of making that appointment and having it confirmed by his colleagues.

Deputy City Attorney Stacy Henderson recommended, as an option, to go the route of the Planning Commission, where the spot is advertised in an effort to find folks who are interested in filling the vacancy.

It’s here that staff will determine as to which option to take.

In December 1995, the City of Ripon entered into a long-term lease with Jack Tone Golf LP for the construction and operation of the golf course.

Jack Tone Golf LP recently requested to meet with the Golf Course Capital Committee on plans of improvements to the golf course, according to Council.

“We have no public member (on the committee) – at least, none that I’m aware of,” Werner said.

Council, in addition, will be required to confirm the selection of the public member.