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RHS parking lot upgrades next
Work starting after school ends in May
A schematic for how Stouffer Field will end up looking like when renovations are done. - photo by Photo Contributed

A Phase One construction update was presented to the Ripon Unified School District trustees earlier this month by Stephanie Hobbs, spokeswoman for the Ripon Community Athletic Foundation.

She pointed out that the front and north parking area upgrades will not be launched until the end of May when students will be out of school for the summer.

Hobbs was in Washington, D.C. , this week with the San Joaquin Council of Governments (COG) to lobby lawmakers for an additional $1.6 million to finish the entire project with the all weather track, bleachers and bathrooms.

The most recent construction activity in the stadium has included the delivery of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signs that are waiting to be installed.  Curbing in front of the parking area and resurfacing a disabled parking stall in front of the parking area is being installed.

Truncated yellow domes are being required throughout the parking areas as well.

The construction includes a new emergency vehicle entrance on Maple Avenue.  A contractor permit has been awarded for some $7,000 to install a driveway by Hedgecock Paving with another $4,500 for fencing and a gate, Hobbs told the board.

The north curve scoreboard fencing is well underway, she added, along with a new shed purchased and installed on a concrete pad for the storage of track, shot, and discus equipment.  A 60-foot-long net was installed along the north side to keep discuses from being thrown onto the railroad tracks.  The area around the shot-put arena is in process of having rock laid in place.

A portion of the fencing will not be installed until the all-weather-track is completed, she said.

Hobbs noted that the field was fertilized and sprayed some three weeks ago and is looking better.

“We will need to spray again soon to complete the removal of the weeds, Bermuda grass from the turf.  We will spend late May and early June trying to fill the low spots on the on the field, giving time to fill in by August,” she said.

Surveyor Tom Owens has donated more than $10,000 in services, Hobbs said.  He has laid out all the markings on the track surface needed for meets.  Small brass pins have been installed in the track curb for identifying the markings, Hobbs added.

Brick pavers have been installed around the base of the flag pole as RCAF is collaborating with the American Legion and VFW posts to have a plaque installed with a dedication ceremony for the community.

Hobbs said that within the next month the RCAF shed next to the batting cage is going to be moved to the north side of the field house.  A 28-foot storage van next to the bleachers will be relocated to the south side of the field house.  Hobbs said the two storage facilities are being moved to facilitate future bleachers and to consolidate them near the Maple Avenue gate.

The RCAF workers have installed concrete curbing for the new bull pen.  In the last three weeks 63 yards of concrete has been poured creating 300 feet of sidewalk, curbs and concrete pads on both side of the field house.

The next concrete pour is to see the completion of curbing and fencing near the batting cage.  As budget numbers become clearer with the RCAF and Fund 35, additional concrete is expected to be poured from the scoreboard toward the field house along with additional pads near the Maple Avenue gate and possibly the snack bar.