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Ripon Police make DUI arrest, cite 15 driving without license
Ripon-DUI-checkpoint-DSC 3294
Ripon patrolman Kenny Steele talks with a motorist Saturday night in the cone zone of a DUI and drivers license checkpoint on Jack Tone Road north of the Highway 99 freeway. - photo by GLENN KAHL

A Saturday night DUI and driver’s license checkpoint on Jack Tone Road saw 441 vehicles funnel through the cone zone as officers checked for those under the influence as well as motorists without licenses to operate their cars and trucks.

Sgt. Steve Merchant said his officers arrested one motorist for driving under the influence and cited 15 for driving with a suspended license or for not having a license.  They also discovered one driver with a felony warrant for his arrest.

Those driving with a suspended license had their cars and trucks towed, he added.

Merchant reported a number of non-citizen drivers expecting to soon to get their licenses through new legislation that will allow illegal aliens to legally drive were cited for driving without a license. Their vehicles were not towed but they had to have a family member come and drive it to their home within a reasonable time frame. He said they misunderstood that they had to have their license in hand, not just an appointment to apply for a license in the near future.

The Ripon Police checkpoint had the assistance of two motorcycle traffic officers and another officer in a Manteca Police car.  They were posted before and after the checkpoint where they would pursue anyone breaking away from the inspection station.  A number of police cadets serving as runners and one adult volunteer also worked the checkpoint

The checkpoint was in operation for 9 p.m. until 2 a.m.