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Ripon ready if it rains on event for Veterans Day
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The City of Ripon has a contingency plan in place for Veterans’ Day on Monday.

In case of wet weather, this annual community-wide outdoor event scheduled for 10:30 a.m. in front of the Ripon Veterans’ Museum and Memorial Wall, 311 First St., will be moved to the Community Center, 344 W. Fourth St.

The Ripon City Council on Tuesday paved the way for that by agreeing unanimously on the request orchestrated by American Legion Post #190.

“My Commander (Ken Lawson) approached me about having some place to go to in case of an emergency,” said Mayor Dean Uecker, who, at one point, even considered the Council Chambers for the back-up plan.

The forecast for that day calls for a high of 65 degrees and “occasional rain and drizzle,” according to

“In 35 years, we’ve never had a problem with weather,” said Uecker, who is estimating a turnout of 250 folks, mostly elderly.

Elden ‘Red’ Nutt, who, like Uecker, is a veteran, had some concerns about the last-minute change of venue.

“Most of the time, I’ll see 25 percent showing up – most will end up going home (if it rains),” he said.

Councilman Leo Zuber believes this issue should not have come before elected leaders under the standard procedure for non-profit groups such as American Legion.

“This could be done by following policy and procedure that’s already in place,” he said.

In this case, American Legion was to request use of the Community Center for that day. “They sign up for (the Community Center), and whether they use it or not, I’m OK with it.”

Zuber added that this item, if handled properly, should not go before Council for approval. “There’s a process that’s already in place,” he said.

Zuber added, “I think this can be done (each year) without approval from council.”

Vice Mayor Chuck Winn, however, saw this request as a special circumstance, and was comfortable granting this request.

“We shouldn’t bypass rules and regulations, but this was a different situation,” he said.

The annual Veterans’ Day ceremony in Ripon is usually an hour-long event, according to Uecker.