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Ripon Unified 8th graders receive top achiever honors
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Citizenship and Trustee awards were handed out last week to students at the five Ripon elementary schools during graduations held throughout the district.

The coveted Trustee awards were presented by school board members to the top achievers from Ripon Elementary, Colony Oak, Weston, Ripona and Park View.

Trustee awards at Ripon Elementary School went to Jacqueline Davis, Hope Fardanesh, Delaney Hall, Anna Pedersen and Het Trivedi – all with perfect 4.0 grades.  Citizenship award for Ripon were presented to Annie Rankin and Caleb Randal Jack Boersma.

At Colony Oak Elementary the Trustee awards were given to Jaycee Metal and Nicholas Pischini.  Citizenship honors were presented to Janelle Huskey and Joel Boersma.

Weston Elementary School saw six boys and three girls honored with the Trustee awards at their school.  Also with 4.0 grade point averages, they were Keyon Talieh, Brandon Gunnarson, Rhet Herrin, Matthew Mohler, Prajett Sandhu, Steven Kirkpatrick, Kyra Pelham, Samantha McCreath and Andrea Anaya.  Citizenship awards went to Devon Destiny Denhart and Jack T. Nelson.

At Ripona Elementary School four students were presented with Trustee awards including Mikaela Ferreira, Jennica Baldwin, Nikita Biar and Courtney Salmon.  Citizenship honors went to Jacob Rhodes and Makayla Avila.

Park View Elementary saw Trustee awards presented to four students: Sabrina Schmier, Aiyana Herrera, Daniel Esenwein and Emily Reynoso.  Citizenship honors were given to Adam Lawlor and Makenna Duncan.