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Ripon Unified enrollment is down slightly
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The new school year is still young but Ripon Unified reportedly was down 16 students from a year ago.

But compare that to the end of the 2012-13 school year, where the district actually had 17 more students.

Last week, the school board heard Ripon Unified opening 2013-14 with a total enrollment of 3,007 students. Those first-month numbers tallied 3,023 a year ago while the 11th and final month came up to 2,990.

What’s new to the district, in terms of enrollment, is Ripon Continuation School, where 17 students made up the numbers of this first-year program.

Ripon High was down 19 students from a year ago, opening with an enrollment of 866. Those numbers were an improvement compared to the end of the previous school year, where RHS finished with 835 students.

The Independent Study program, meanwhile, had nine students while the elementary schools consisted of Ripon Elementary (442), Ripona (397), Weston (431), Colony Oak (438), and Park View (866) balanced out the count.