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Ripon Chamber, Color the Skies partner
A section of the illustrated map of Ripon that is being developed by the Ripon Chamber of Commerce and Color the Skies. - photo by Image Contributed

It’s going to be an illustrated map of Ripon to surpass all past maps of the community.

Color the Skies Hot Air Balloon Festival and the Ripon Chamber of Commerce have partnered to develop a 34-inch wide artistic presentation of the downtown business community and surrounding environs.

The opportunity to be part of the full color, two sided layout of the city is available primarily to chamber members and sponsors of the annual Color the Skies event.  There will be an initial printing of 15,000 maps to be distributed by its advertisers, public information centers and at public events in the Ripon community.

The layout includes 82 business card positions with each advertiser receiving a two line listing with their initial ad space purchase.  The number of two line listings and the font size for those listing will be determined by the professional doing the layout logistics.  

Businesses will also be listed on the front of the map with a number in a colored box.  The box color will correspond to the business category for that listing.  The deadline for ad purchases has been set for the end of September with maps being distributed the first of very calendar year and updated annually.

The map folds down to approximately four by eight inches.

For more information call Brenda at (209) 604-6605 or online at