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Video may tout virtues of Ripon
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Imagine clicking on to the City of Ripon website where one of the interfaces would be a video showcasing the city as well as other nearby attractions.

The Ripon City Council paved the way for that to happen last week by allowing staff to continue pursuing into what CGI Communications has to offer.

This is the same company that’s done likewise for places such as Valdosta, GA and Cheyenne, WY.

“Cheyenne (population 60,000) and Valdosta (55,000) are big cities compared to us. I’d like to see what CGI Communications can do for a city our size,” Councilman Leo Zuber said.

He added: “I’d like to get a much clearer picture.”

According to City Administrator Kevin Werner, these videos typically focus on topics that are selected by the city.

The Valdosta video, for example, showcased the Wild Adventures Theme Park and the iconic historic residence, The Crescent.

Werner along with elected leaders Jake Parks and Dean Uecker, specifically, the Economic Development Committee, recently met with the CGI Communications, reviewing the proposed community showcase video. They agreed that it was worth pursuing.

CGI is a leading provider of high-impact marketing solutions to communities and small businesses. For the City Ripon, this program would come at no cost if it were to happen. Werner indicated that the Community Showcase Program video, in this case, would be paid via advertising.

While CGI promises to take care of all sponsorship fulfillments, Ripon officials will have the option to recommend a business or have the first right of refusal on any specific advertisement.

 “We thought about doing something like this in the past but the cost was way, way too high,” Councilman Parks said.

He sees the CGI’s video as a viable tool to not only help promote but to help bring in new businesses to Ripon.

Video production usually takes about 10 to 14 weeks, from inception to completion.

Werner said his group will continue to look into this project and will bring it back to a council meeting for consideration.