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Winn appointed Ripon mayor
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Chuck Winn is the new mayor of Ripon. For the third time, he was named to the post. But this was time he slotted for the top position as specified by an ordinance based on the rotation by the Ripon City Council seating. At the organization session on Tuesday, Winn, who previously served as vice mayor under Dean Uecker, advanced to the top spot, with Elden “Red” Nutt moving up one to vice mayor.

Councilmen Leo Zuber and Jake Parks follow suit, climbing up to the No. 3 and No. 4 spots, respectively. Uecker is now No. 5 in the order.

“Dean, as mayor, I always appreciated his humor, sincerity and seriousness,” said Winn.

Uecker, in turn, thanked Council and staff for their support during the past year.

“I’m glad it’s over … although it was kind of fun,” he added.