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Bombs in RiponDSC 123
Manteca bomb squad officers Gregg Beall and Jason Bonetti walk toward a truck near a propane tank in the Schempers ACE Hardware parking lot in Ripon. The truck was believed to contain possible explosive devices.

Good detective work by patrol officers Mario Ysit and Mindy Morris uncovered a bag

containing black powder, blasting caps and other precursor items used to make destructive

devices in a pickup truck parked near a propane tank in the Schemper’s ACE Hardware

parking lot.

The officers were called to the store shortly before 1 p.m. when workers were concerned

about the welfare of an older teen who had been acting strange in their store.  A manager

said he was concerned when the youth walked out the door and drove away – soon returning

and sitting in his truck near the propane tank with his head down.  A 911 call was made

because they felt he was ill with medics being dispatched but then cancelled.

Officers soon recognized questionable explosive items in his vehicle that included a bottle

rocket.  The parking lot was cordoned off with yellow tape along with police cars and the

store was closed to customers to ensure their safety.   The teen was taken into custody and

transported to the police department across the street for questioning.

The Manteca Bomb Squad was called to investigate as customers were turned away at the

entrance driveways to the store.  Bomb squad officers spent some 30 minutes going through

the vehicle collecting the items they felt were explosive in nature.

The Bulletin will include a more complete story when information is available that will not

impede the police investigation and will include a photo of the Stanislaus County suspect and

any list of charges against him.  The hardware store reportedly lost a great deal of business

on a usually busy Saturday afternoon.