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Ripon seeking funds to add to river paths
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The City of Ripon may have a few things working in its favor with the Measure K Renewal Bike / Pedestrian competitive program.
Since last month’s City Council meeting and prior to the adoption of the program by the San Joaquin Council of Governments, Engineering Supervisor James Pease mentioned at the Oct. 10 public session that two elements on the funding distribution have changed.
For starters, Ripon is now eligible to receive $20,000 to go towards the application for development assistance, he noted.
The other part is that a goal of $4 million within the SJCOG program is to be distributed on a competitive basis to projects – within a total cost of $500,000 or cities within SJC with a population fewer than 200,000.
“That leaves Stockton out of it,” said Pease.
Those recent changes had staff rethinking the proposed Lower Stanislaus River Bike Trail Project.
The expanded portion of the original project now calls for an additional 3,800 feet of a paved bike trail along the Stanislaus River behind the Jack Tone Golf Course – with that, the entire western portion of the path would be complete within the city limits, increasing the cost estimates from $350,000 to $500,000.
The second part of plan consists of the installation of about 1,800 feet of new Class I bike path / sidewalk along Doak Boulevard, between the City’s fueling station and the corporate yard. Pease indicated that this, in turn, would close the gap in the existing Class I bike path by connecting into the Class II path on Doak, west of Vera Avenue, costing about $220,000.
Applications for both projects are due Dec. 15, Pease said.
Council approved the two bike / sidewalk path plans along with the services of Interwest Consulting Group for grant writing assistance.
Added Pease: “Both projects will seek full funding from the Measure K program and the service agreement is within the $20,000 to be allocated to Ripon.”
Councilman Daniel de Graaf, at the previous meeting, suggested leaving the lower loop of the bike / pedestrian path unpaved.
“The loop was removed from the project and will be left unpaved,” Pease said.
Mayor Dean Uecker asked if the City had to contribute any funds to the project.
Pease responded, saying: “Nothing will be paid out of pocket.”

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