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Ripon seeks toys for pets for Christmas at city sheleter
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The staff at the Ripon animal shelter is going the extra miles for the pets in its facility over Christmas through a “Pets for Paws” effort.
They have designed a way to help their shelter animals toward a better holiday season away from families that have surrendered them and for those who were caught up in the net of animal control officers attempting to keep them safe from being hit and from their hunger on the streets of the community.
Community Service Officer Vanessa Lemus – assigned to the shelter – is asking the public for donations to assist in the cause for the dogs and cats they have in their charge.
“It’s our goal to make sure they get the love, attention, gifts and homes that other pets are lucky enough to have in their lives with Ripon families,” one shelter staffer said. New pet toys can be dropped off at the Ripon Animal Shelter on Doak Avenue at the southern edge of the city or at the Ripon Police Department, according to Lt. Steve Merchant.  Call 599-0262 for more information.
The Ripon shelter was built with state-of-the art design a number of years ago that included piped hot water running through copper tubings through its concrete floors for the comfort of their dogs, cats and occasional wild animals that have come up into the city from the nearby Riparian forest along the Stanislaus River that often include a red fox and raccoons. 

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