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Ripon seniors class gift: 7-foot high carved Indian
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RIPON - A seven-foot-tall carved Indian statue representing the Ripon High School mascot is going to be a gift to the school’s student body by the senior class of 2010.

The $2,500 redwood statue is being proposed by the senior class and will be funded by this year’s upcoming graduating class, the leadership class, and by the Save Mart Shares Program that is donating the final $1,500.

The seniors have also chosen to allocate any remaining funds in their class account at the end of the school year to be returned to the other contributors to ensure that the statue is truly a senior class project and gift.

The design calls for a foot high pedestal that will include a 24-inch shield with the Ripon High emblem.  Students feel the gift will continue to personify the spirit of Ripon High School and its students through the pride of the majestic Indian.

The statue design also calls for moccasin-style footwear and a pair of buckskin pants with a fringe and a breechcloth that may show under the shield