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Ripon speed bump may take chill Jack Tone thrill seekers
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RIPON – Elected leaders are looking to ground thrill-seekers using the Stanislaus River access road at the end of Jack Tone Road.

“They’ll speed (on their vehicles) towards the cul-de-sac just to get some air,” Vice Mayor Garry Krebbs said at Tuesday’s Ripon City Council meeting. “It’s scaring people.”

For council members, safety is their biggest concern.

What’s the solution?

“One speed bump,” Krebbs said. “I think that would solve our problem.”

Councilman Dean Uecker added: “Speed bump and a speed limit sign, which would be a cheap fix.”

He, too, was aware of the potentially dangerous area. “People are going there to have fun but there’s safety involved,” Uecker said.

Council asked staff – included are police Chief Ed Ormonde, public works director Ted Johnston, and city engineer Kevin Werner – to check out the area.

“They’ll know the best place to put a speed bump,” Krebbs said.