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Ripon spring cleanup: Messy issues crop up
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For the past 15 years, the City of Ripon has provided a curbside spring cleanup program.
Residents are free to dispose of those large items that wouldn’t otherwise fit in the 90-gallon trash containers during the first two weeks in May.
Therein lies the problem, according to Director of Public Works Ted Johnston.
At Tuesday’s Ripon City Council meeting, he addressed numerous issues that could possibly put a halt to this program.
“A good number of residents are not following the rules as it relates to what can be placed at the curb for disposal,” Johnston said in his report.
He noted that some folks have been putting regular loose garbage, causing problems during collection not to mention some sanitary issues.
Spring cleanup has also created some unsightly appearances along the city streets. Enough for the City to receive numerous complaints and concerns from the public, Johnston said.
Other concerns include illegal dumping in connection with the program in recent years and people scavenging and sifting through the piles, jumping from neighborhood to neighborhood.
“People have ruined (spring clean\up) for others,” Councilman Michael Restuccia said. “Some are even coming from outside of town to dump or pick up the trash — it’s a hazard.”
Due to those issues and more, Johnston said that changes May be necessary.
He listed the following options:
uContinue the existing program with modifications consisting of a Municipal Code to penalize those who are in noncompliance with a comprehensive outreach to residents.
uProvide an annual event on a weekend in May where residents can drop off larger items at the Public Works Corporation Yard.
uProvide a service to residents where they can call for a special pick up one time a year.
uDiscontinue the program without any modifications.
“It’s time for the Council to look at the program, modify it, or discontinue it altogether,” Johnston said.
Elected leaders gave him the go-ahead to further pursue the options for possible approval at an upcoming meeting.