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Ripon superintendent recaps initial 90 days
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The progressive accomplishments within the Ripon Unified School District during the first 90 days of the semester were outlined to the school board earlier this month by Superintendent Ziggy Robeson.

The presentation focused on tasks, goals and results representing the district’s shared values and beliefs associated with the six primary educational goals established by the Ripon school board.

“Expect Excellence” is the new student motto in keeping with the RUSD requirement to provide a safe, positive and stimulating educational environment.  Robeson said the overarching goal is to provide excellent instruction that meets the needs of every student while celebrating the individual culture of each school in the district.

“Our primary responsibility,” she told the board, “is to ensure that students are prepared for their future whether it be college and/or being career ready.  As such we have implemented new interventions and enrichment opportunities for our students throughout the district,” she noted.

Robeson pointed out that some interventions include Math 180, Horizons at the primary levels, Think Tough Math and an Academic Literacy Course at the high school. A variety of enrichment options include Spanish, choir, and robotics as well as art just to name a few, she said.

The superintendent added that another area of critical focus is professional staff development.  She explained that particular focus addresses the district goal of maintaining an exceptional learning community of professional employees. 

“For the 2015-16 school year,  three teaching cadres in the areas of science, technology and math comprised of RUSD staff have been working collaboratively to lead the way,” she added. “Our teaching staff is an invaluable integral part of the RUSD team.  Together we are moving our district forward.”

Partnering with the County Office of Education and other instructors, sessions have been held where collaboration from Transitional Kindergarten through the 12th grade teaching staff is able to work together to articulate and improve the standards and expectations across all grade levels, she explained.

Expanding and refining policies, procedures and operations will be an ongoing goal for Robeson during her first year as she works with staff and the board to maximize available district funds.

Some highlights so far include an annual budget calendar and an annual board planning calendar that have already been implemented.  A detailed and comprehensive budget workshop was held, a more streamlined requisition approval process is also in place and regular budget meetings with school sites and departments are occurring.

Robeson is committed to resolving issues through listening and communicating effectively with staff, students, parents and community members.  She has established venues to have open and genuine two-way communications with staff and students.

She is currently holding monthly certificated staff and classified staff representative meetings.  Yet another highlight to the last 90 day report is the newly formed Superintendent Student Cabinet, whose membership is comprised of student leaders from each of the Ripon Unified Schools that meet with her on a monthly basis.

“Keep a lookout for the first electronic newsletter coming soon to all staff members and to the community,” she said.

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