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Ripon Unified annual report card
Schools exceed state growth targets
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Ripon Unified students are outperforming their counterparts in San Joaquin County and throughout California when it comes to grasping English language arts and math.
That’s just one of the benchmarks included in the 2016 Ripon Unified annual report to the community that is mandated by the state to provide accountability to taxpayers and parents.
Based on California’s Smarter Balanced Test:
uIn English Language Arts the percentage of students meeting or exceeding state established bench marks were 60 percent in Ripon Unified, 38 percent in San Joaquin County, and 49 percent in California.
In math the percentage of students meeting of exceeding state established bench marks were 46 percent in Ripon Unified, 28 percent
in San Joaquin County, and 37 percent in California.
 Superintendent Ziggy Robeson noted in the report that the district has:
made progress on achievement tests that is tied to the use of standards-aligned curriculum, a strong staff development program, and increased student interventions.
adopted a new English Arts and English Language Development Curriculum for the 2016/2017 school year.
is continuing the purchase of student technology for all grades and schools.
has implemented consistent positive behavior intervention programs throughout all schools.
added enrichment programs in kindergarten through eighth grade.
As a result of continuing success in academics, Ripon Unified landed a number of honors for its schools.
Schools that have earned the California Distinguished Gold Ribbon Schools designation are Colony Oak (2004, 2012), Weston (2004), Ripon Elementary (2010), and Ripona (2016).
Title 1 Achieving Schools are Ripon Elementary (2007) and Ripona (2016).
Honor Roll Schools are Park View (2009 through 2013) and Weston (2015).
In addition U.S. World News and Reports rated Ripon High as one of the top 10 percent high schools in the nation for 2016.
The nuts and bolts of the accountability report shows the unified district formed 50 years ago in 1966 has 3,100 students in transitional kindergarten through 12th grade, five elementary schools, a comprehensive high school, a continuation high school, has 22 languages spoken by various students, 20 percent of students speak a language other than English, there are 422 English learners, 8.5 percent of students receive special services, more than 500 students ride the bus daily, there are 527 employees, and the general fund budget of $24.48 million.
Of every $1 in the general fund:
43.9 cents is spent on certificated salaries for teachers and administrators.
13.2 cents is spent on classified staff salaries.
19.4 cents is spent on benefits.
12.1 cents is spent on operating expenses and services.
6.5 cents is spent on books and supplies.
3.7 cents are spent on capital outlay.
1.2 cents are spent on other items.
The $20 million Measure G bond passed in 2012 funded Weston School construction finished in 2015 and will pay for Colony Oak improvements that are targeted for completion in late 2017.
Improvements made this year to school facilities include carpet replaced in 26 classrooms; roofing repairs at Ripon High, Ripon Elementary and Ripona schools; bathroom repairs and new fixtures at aquatics center, Ripon High, Ripon Elementary, and Ripona; various windows replaced; pool door replacement; home side bleachers at the Ripon High football stadium; wall covering repairs as needed; and energy efficient lighting installed among other things.
“A cornerstone of our success is the commitment of our Ripon parents to be actively involved in the education lives of our children,” Robeson noted in her report. “Parents are a critical factor in the academic success of their child.”
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