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Ripon water play resuming
Council turning on Mistlin play feature 3 days a week
The Mistlin water play feature that has been dry due to the drought will be turned back on soon. - photo by HIME ROMERO/The Bulletin

The interactive water feature at Mistlin Sports Park is reopening soon.
At last week’s special session, the Ripon City Council reversed a previous decision by voting 3-2 in favor of the turning the water back on at least three times a week – Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday – from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
“I want the motion to include that once school starts in August the fountain days should be cut to two days a week, Saturday and Sunday only, and then shut down entirely on Nov. 1,” Councilman Leo Zuber said.
Council members Dean Uecker and Mark Winchell were also in the majority supporting the resolution.
Mayor Jake Parks and Councilman Mike Restuccia once again voted ‘no.’
At the June 14 meeting, Parks, Restuccia and Winchell came out against the Water Conservation Measures update, with no other motions made or approved that day, according to City Attorney Tom Terpstra.
“The result of this vote was to continue with the current restrictions,” he said.
Winchell, however, had a change of heart.
“He asked that this matter be placed on the agenda for further discussion and action,” said Terpstra.
He noted that Winchell was within his rights in reconsidering based on Robert’s Rule of Order, which stated:  “A motion to reconsider the item may be made no later than the next regularly scheduled meeting, and may only be made by a Council member or Commissioner who voted in the majority of the original motion.”
Uecker had hoped for the fountains to be back in operation by the Fourth of July (as of Wednesday, the fountains were shut off).
Since the drought, this popular summer cooling spot for children of all ages had been dried.
 At the special session, two local youngsters – Jena and Samantha, who are both members of the local Girls Scouts chapter – expressed their opinions on this matter.
Jena would like to see the fountains back in operation but only on the weekends.
Samantha believes that the water features should remain off.
Public Works Director Ted Johnston, meanwhile, indicated that Ripon had shown enough improved numbers in reducing water usage – the fountain uses an estimated 2,000 gallons of water per day that must be flushed regularly, he said – to put the water features back in operation.