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Ripons municipal health costs up 4.5%
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Elected leaders who receive the healthcare plans will see a slight increase for next year.
The 2017 health and welfare plans for City of Ripon employees includes Kaiser Healthcare, Blue Shield Healthcare, Assurant Dental, Assurant Life Insurance, and Assurant Long Term Disability Insurance.
At the recent Ripon City Council meeting, Kevin Werner said the public hearing was necessary given the increased cost of providing health benefits to council members.
They’re eligible to receive the same health plan as that of city employees as part of their elected position.
But not all receive this perk. Leo Zuber, who is seeking re-election, is a retired superintendent of Ripon Unified, with his health plan being part of his retirement package.
Werner indicated via power-point presentation that the total increase of the health and welfare plan is 4.5 percent for 2017.
He credited administration and staff for keeping increases to a minimal. “It’s been a team effort,” Werner said at the Oct. 11 meeting.
The resolution – unanimously approved by Council – calls for 100 percent reimbursement for administrative staff and non-represented police department employees under the Blue Shield Silver Plan healthcare deductible cost and co-insurance cost after $2,000 is paid out of pocket.
In order to receive reimbursement, the employee or elected leader must submit the request to the City on later than 12 months from the date of service as shown on the Explanation of Benefits, as specified under the resolution.

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