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San Joaquin County: Where is highest point?
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Here’s a San Joaquin County trivia question: What is the highest point in the county?
It’s the 3,629-foot Mount Boardman North located southwest of Manteca/Lathrop in the Diablo Range. It is on the Alameda-San Joaquin county line near where those two counties meet Santa Clara and Stanislaus counties. Mount Boardman, to the south, was named after W.F. Boardman who served from 1865 to 1869 as the Alameda County surveyor. Mount Boardman North — not originally named — ended up being actually 33 feet higher than the surveyor’s namesake.
Del Puerte Road out of Patterson via Interstate 5 brings you closest to the peak form the east. Mount Boardman North is 220 feet shorter than Mt. Diablo — the highest peak in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Working on
MUSD junior high
sports proposal
The Manteca Unified School District Junior High After School Sports Committee tasked with making a recommendation to the board in March on how best bring the Manteca Unified Student Trust programs that originally was part of the school-run Acorn League back into the district conducted its second meeting Monday.
The committee at a previous meeting listed the advantages of the old Acorn League that were important to  schools including how it provided opportunities for students who were not connected to school as well as motivation for students to do well in school. They noted the Acorn League was a positive place for students to be after school, it was free, and was good for skill building for students who wanted to participate in high school sports. They also noted it provided positive school spirit and culture for players and fans.
They also discussed additional programs such as CrossFit, running clubs, and possibility of a fifth period class to provide opportunities for students to learn about other sports such as Ultimate Frisbee. They discussed traditional sports programs that could be offered including, girls/boys volleyball, girls/boys basketball, cross country and track.
The committee also delved into extending the length of the beginning of the season before making cuts so that many more students could participate in practices to increase the number of students participating.
Committee members are Kathy Howe, MUSD Trustee; Tevani Liotard, District PE Coordinator; Roger Goatcher, Senior Director of Student Services; Anthony Chapman, Athletic Director/Vice Principal for Sierra High School; Brian Bilbao, junior high teacher/Athletic Director MUST; Edward Fang, junior high coach; Kathleen Corriea, junior high coach; Ross Clark, junior high coach; Jarod Ballardo, junior high coach; Jeff Podesto, Principal George Komure Elementary School;  Sherrie Jamero, Principal Woodward Elementary School; and Clara Schmiedt, Senior Director Secondary Education.