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Sand animation artist performs in Manteca
Joe Castillo

Sand animation artist Joe Castillo, who reached the finals last year in America’s Got Talent,  is scheduled for four performances this weekend at the Crossroads Church on Moffat Boulevard in Manteca.

While the Saturday night performances are filled, space is still available for the Sunday service times at 8:30, 9:45 and 11:15 a.m.  The services are without cost to the public and all are welcome, according the Pastor Mike Moore.

Castillo is a bestselling author, artist, storyteller who has developed a new way of telling stories with his hands in sand has won worldwide recognition.  “SandStory” is a unique way of storytelling that uses sand art, a light table and music as a medium.

It had its beginning for him during a trip to a hardware store when he accidentally selected sand instead of mulch that led him to discovering his sand stories medium as an art form.  Promising to combine a message with on stage creativity, Castillo will challenge, amaze and surprise A audiences.

He is currently seen as the world’s premier sand animation artist living in the U.S., having been born in Mexico City – the artistic hub of Latin America.  His artwork has been sold worldwide with his presentations seen by hundreds of thousands of people.