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Shelter bumps library
New animal shelter jumps ahead of 7 other projects
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The decision to build with a new animal shelter as part of the corporation yard restructuring means a new or expanded library won’t move forward until at least 2017.

The library is among seven major capital improvement projects indentified in the 2010-11 Manteca municipal budget as being at least five years out before any serious movement could happen to start pushing them toward reality. That is due to the large sums of money needed.

The list has an estimated price tag of $87.9 million in constant 2010 dollars. The library is the most expensive of the seven projects at $33 million.

The other projects are a performing/visual arts center for $18 million, a community center for $16 million, an aquatics center for $16 million, a baseball field at Woodward Park for $1.6 million, an amphitheatre at Woodward Park for $1.9 million and a tennis center at Woodward Park for $4.1 million.

The animal shelter and part of the other corporation yard work will not only wipeout the $3.5 million in government building facilities fees that Manteca has already collected but it will require the next $7.3 million collected from growth go to pay off internal loans the city is making to cover the cost from the public facilities fee account and the redevelopment agency.

This year’s budget was more detailed in terms of short- and long-range projects that the city is either undertaking or the council has proposed. The seven projects were specifically identified as not being on the horizon for planning for the next five years.

The animal shelter with its $2.1 million price tag was not included in the adopted budget. That is because staff thought they could expand the corporation yard and centralize services in a bid to reduce annual operating costs by $500,000 by simply building around the existing animal shelter on Wetmore Street.

Various configurations showed that in order for the corporation yard to effectively meet needs, the animal shelter had to be relocated.

The $2.1 million to build the new 6,000-square-foot shelter on the northeast corner of South Main and Wetmore streets is being paid exclusively with fees charged on new growth for the purpose of providing government facilities.

The overall project will cost $12.1 million.

The city has $4,750,000 on hand including $3.5 million in government facilities fees and the receipts from the enterprise accounts. That is enough to cover the animal shelter and about half of the second phase. The enterprise accounts from water, solid waste and sewer comes to $761,000 and will cover those services’ share of building space in the corporation yard.

The rest will come from Manteca borrowing from restricted accounts and paying itself back with interest. Included is a $2,010,000 loan from public facilities fee account consisting of money that can’t be contributed to the corporation yard project and $5,340,000 in a redevelopment agency loan.

The money will be paid back with the $750,000 to $1 million in growth fees currently pouring into city coffers in the form of the government facilities fee based on new construction of three past three years.

It will take five to seven years to repay the loans at the current construction pace. Increased construction will accelerate payback.