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Sierras incoming freshmen break the ice
pic shs-linkcrew-1
Lucas Widmer goes fist-to-fist with Link Crew leaders and his fellow Sierra High classmates during an ice-breaking activity Wednesday at freshmen orientation. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT/ The Bulletin
Sierra High officially welcomed the Class of 2014.

At Wednesday’s freshmen orientation, about 415 newcomers were greeted by 75 upperclassmen belonging to Link Crew.

Link Crew is a leadership program offered at many high schools nationwide, with those involved – primarily juniors and seniors – being linked with members of the ninth-grade class throughout the year.

“They gave up three days of their summer to be here,” said Anthony Chapman, who has served as the school’s Link Crew coordinator for the past five years.

The majority of freshmen here came from the Manteca Unified feeder schools such as Stella Brockman, Brock Elliott, Nile Garden and Veritas.

Link Crew leaders, who, according to Chapman, represented all facets of people at the school, helped ninth-grade students take that one step forward of easing away from their comfort zone.

They did so by engaging in various ice-breaking activities while becoming better acclimated to the school throughout the morning.

Activities included some involving the entire class under the direction of Chapman, to the small groups led by Link leaders.

“At some point, you will have to stand alone on your own two feet,” he said to the freshmen class.

Chapman also urged youngsters to continue striving to be the best that they can possibly be and “have fun doing it,” he added.

The first day of school is Monday.

Sierra is braced to open the new school year with an enrollment of about 1,400 students.