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Fair precedes torture as final exams are called at Garden of the Nile
Haighley Hunter is crowned queen during Fridays 21st annual Nile Garden Elementary School Medieval Faire. - photo by HIME ROMERO/ The Bulletin

Mikey Elder and Haighley Hunter had spent their previous years at Nile Garden Elementary School as casual observers of the Medieval Faire.
That’s the annual event at the rural Manteca Unified site in which students get to re-enact the Middle Ages as part of their year-end of World History, in particular, Western Europe.
“Let’s face it – seventh grade history is pretty boring,” said teacher Timothy Lewis, who came up with the Medieval Faire about 21 years ago. “So why not try to make if fun and interesting?”
He recalled that a previous teacher had tried something similar, putting on a renaissance fair. This gave him the idea of having his students do their research on what life was like during medieval Europe, indentified as the period between the 9th and 15th centuries.
For his seventh-grade students, the Medieval Faire was a culmination of their year-long studies, equipped with the Parade of Manors, jousting, dancing, singing and feasting.
Next up is the “torture chamber,” Lewis said, which he otherwise refers to as final exams.
Meanwhile, Elder and Hunter were crowned king and queen of this special event. They were voted by their classmate to reign over the Medieval Faire at the seat of honor.
Students also came dressed for the occasion and went by names of that period.
Elder, for example, went by his Medieval name of Bartholomew while Hunter was referred to as Hildegarde of Sherwood.
As king and queen, they were treated with royalty, getting their food served – in this case, fried chicken – and goblets filled with juice.
Their fellow classmates enjoyed their al fresco feast along the long table while proudly displaying their coat of arms.
Elder and Hunter may have reigned over the faire, but it was Lewis, who had gone by King Lewis ‘The Wise,’ ruling over Nile Garden,

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