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Singh leads pack raising $41K so far
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Gary Singh is the biggest benefactor of campaign donations — $41,126 — so far in the Nov. 8 Manteca City Council race.
David Cushman is the only candidate to date whose big donors are  exclusively farmers to the tune of $4,500.
Debby Moorhead, Jeff Zellner and Singh have all received $1,000 donations from the Punjabi American Association of Manteca — the biggest single source of donations in the overall campaign as of Thursday.
Ben Cantu has spent $1,567 out of his pocket for his own campaign, the most of any council hopeful.
Cushman received the biggest single donation — $2,500 from Terra Land Group that’s an almond orchard partnership. The record single donation to a Manteca candidate still stands at $4,000 the Punjabi American Association of Manteca gave to Moorhead in her unsuccessful 2010 race for mayor.
And Eric Hayes doesn’t intend to ask for donations or spend much of anything in his campaign.
Those tidbits were gleaned from campaign committee filings made with 40 days to go to the Nov. 8 election. Voters will elect two council members.
Singh now holds the mark for the most money raised by a council candidate in an election cycle. He eclipsed the $35,360 mark Vine Hernandez set in 2002. That race is still the record holder for the most expensive council campaign on record with more than $101,000 spent by all of the candidates. The most money spent in a municipal election, however, was the race for mayor and two council seats in 2012 when $123,845 was raised.
Steve DeBrum spent $46,404 in that election to defeat Cantu who spent $6,649 running for mayor. DeBrum is the most prolific fundraiser in local history collecting more than $133,000 in his race for mayor as well as in the 2003 special council election for his first win and subsequent re-elections to the council in 2004, 2008 and 2012.
As of Thursday the six candidates running for two seats have collectively spent $86,548 on their respective campaigns. The breakdown is as follows: Singh, $41,126; Moorhead, $19,864; Zellner, $18,477; Cushman, $4,610; Cantu, $2,471; and Hayes, zero.
Singh’s donors $100 and over include:
$1,100: Jaqroop Singh
$1,000: Punjabi American Association of Manteca, Supandeep Singh
$700: Orchard Petroleum
$500: Darsham Cheema, Demetrios Filios, Blue Lite Motel & Hotel, Economy Associates, Balwinder Kumar, Kulvir Mehroke
$250: San Joaquin, Calaveras, Alpine, Amador Counties Building Trades Council; Knife River; Amritpal Grewal; Maxwell Carlson; Albert Boyce; Anthony Baryell; Georgeann Anderson
$200: Manjot Gill, Mark Oliver
$100: Roland Group Real Estate, John Harris, Stop & Go
Moorhead’s donors $100 and over include:
$1,345: Bill Filios
$1,000: Punjabi American Association of Manteca, TR Land
$500: Albert Boyce, Two Guys Food & Fuel, Demetrios Filios, Northwest Engineering Group, Sheet Metal Workers International Local 104
$250: MNB Express, MCR Engineering, Ellis and Marilyn Hokem, Knife River, TX3 Enterprises, Larry Anderson, Anthony Burkett, Darryl Queresma, Michael Sousa, Steve Bestolrides, David Boyd, John Deluca, JB Anthony Land Use Planning, KLA, Andrew Sephos, Laurin Sephos, Tony Raymus Rental Account, Truex Insurance, JP Palmer
$200: Western Sign Broker
4125: Steve DeBrum
$100: Manjit Dhillon, John Bosco, Patrick Bowers

Zellner donations over $100 are:
$1,000: Punjabi American Association of Manteca, PG&E, Boyce Resource Development
$950: Ray Seph
$915: W. Harris Properties
$550: TX3 Enterprises
$500: Precision Automotive of Manteca, Northstar Engineering
$320: Fairway Financial Management
$250: Georgeann and Larry Anderson, Bill Filios, JP Palmer
$200: Gunsch Electric, Art & Jennifer Nunes, Richard and Linda Silverman, Mel Tucker, The Perry Revocable Trust, Mark and Sandy Oliver, Bill and Nelda Whiteside
$135: John & Elaine Kay Harris
$100: AM Luis, Robert & Mario Basso, Michael Souza, Sherri Midgely Realty, Brocchini Family Partners, Brocchini Farms, D. Hogan Drywall
Cushman donations over $100 are:
$2,500: Terra Land Group
$1,000: Dave Roorda Farms, Raymond Quaresma
Cantu donations over $100 are:
$500: Grow Elect
$250: Marini Construction

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