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Sister allegedly shoots twin brother
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A Manteca police detective detains a 45-year-old woman for allegedly shooting her brother Wednesday afternoon. - photo by GLENN KAHL/ The Bulletin

A 45-year-old woman allegedly shot her twin brother as he entered her small apartment located to the rear of a home in the 200 block of Acacia Avenue in central Manteca shortly before 3 p.m. Wednesday.
The shooting occurred after he pounded on her door for a second time to check her welfare.
Neighbors said Julia Hurst was acting strangely when she returned home in a SAAB convertible that she parked in their driveway. There was a dog and TV set in the front seat.
Carpenters working on a home next door said she parked in their driveway Tuesday and refused to leave saying she didn’t have the key but added the vehicle would be gone the next day. They said she slept in her car for much of the day.
Manteca Police officers had also been called recently by the suspect as she reportedly feared someone was trying to break into her home during the night. Officers reportedly found nothing amiss when they arrived. Her brother was reacting to her recent erratic behavior and was checking on her welfare. A family member said he was worried his sister may have hurt herself.
Dean Hurst, who had been shot in the left hand, fled the apartment to the street leaving drops of blood along the way. When police arrived they found him sitting on the curb across the street bleeding from his hand. He was given immediate medical aid and transported to a hospital.
His sister — a hair stylist in the Bay Area — was taken into custody and transported to the Manteca Police Department. Officers charged her with felony discharging of a firearm.
The brother said when he arrived at his sister’s door he not only pounded but also yelled for her to open the door. She did  not respond. The brother reportedly found a door key and was shot when he entered the apartment.
The 200 block of Acacia Avenue was closed for nearly two hours.