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Social Security access sidewalk part of budget
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The new Social Security office on Commerce Court behind Home Depot is easy to access – assuming one has a car.

Unlike the previous Social Security office on South Main Street that was just across the street from a bus stop, the nearest Manteca Transit stop is over a quarter of a mile away.

The proposed Manteca municipal budget for the current 2011-12 fiscal year being reviewed Monday, March 12, at 2  p.m. during a workshop at the Civic Center by the City Council contains $62,500 in local transportation funds to install a sidewalk to access the Social Security office.

It would run from the corner of Commerce Avenue and Phoenix Drive and then along Commerce Court to the Social Security office. The cost is estimated at $62,500.

It is one of two sidewalk projects proposed for the current fiscal year. The other is $107,650 for installing curb, gutter and sidewalks in areas of the city that currently do not have them.

The two sidewalk projects are in addition to a continuing project to widen the sidewalk from three to six feet the city installed on the north side of East Yosemite Avenue from Cottage Avenue to a point near Powers Avenue. The wider width is standard for areas in Manteca that are in commercial zones with heavier foot traffic. Prior to the initial three feet being put in place three years ago, there was no sidewalk. During the rainy season, pedestrians walked close to the travel lane to avoid mud and puddles.

Prior budgets had $230,605 spent and $98,722 spent so far on obtaining right-of-way from nine different property owners.

There will also be nine new street trees planted behind the wider sidewalk.

Back in 2006 there was 12,000 linear feet of street with curb, gutter, and sidewalk improvements. Another 8,820 linear feet of streets had curbs and gutters but no sidewalks.

The lack of sidewalks as well as curbs and gutters doesn’t include “missing links” along undeveloped properties.

Since then, the council has been slowly chipping away at the missing segments of sidewalk with the two biggest improvements to date along the Moffat Boulevard corridor between Atherton Drive and Main Street as well as the segment of east Yosemite Avenue targeted for widening.