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Some Apple fans not answering the iPhone 4S call
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It didn’t matter to Cynthia Valdevinos that the new phone Apple is releasing isn’t the completely overhauled iPhone 5 that tech bloggers were anticipating.

And it didn’t matter to her that the concepts and upgrades to the company’s most popular product pitched by new Apple CEO Tim Cook were viewed as so underwhelming by Wall Street investors that the company’s stock actually dropped by 3 percent after the announcement came late Tuesday morning.

She’ll be at AT&T on Friday to preorder the iPhone 4S, and she’ll be there to pick it up on Friday, Oct. 14.

“I passed on the iPhone 4 so I was definitely going to get this. When I heard that it was coming out I checked online everyday to see what I could find out. I can’t wait,” Valdevinos said. “I love everything about my phone – it’s easy to use, it has iTunes built in and it’s fast. The new one is supposed to be a lot faster, so we’ll have to see.”

With the phone becoming such a cultural phenomenon since it was released, those who use it to make calls, text message, schedule appointments and listen to music – not to mention 500,000 other things from the apps market – have become loyal to both the phone and the brand itself.

But even recent converts like Dylan Figueroa who made the switch to Verizon’s iPhone once it became available earlier this year are unsure about shelling out the money to move up to something that is only slightly better than the phone he walks around with now.

“It has things that my phone doesn’t, but I don’t think it’s worth the money right now,” Figueroa said. “When I bought my phone I didn’t expect another one to come out less than a year later. I guess I’m going to have to wait until the real iPhone 5 actually comes out.”

And with all of the hoopla surrounding Tuesday’s announcement, owners of rival phones even considered making the jump amidst the speculation that the device was going to dominate the cell phone market with its dual-core processor and state-of-the-art camera system.

Adam Zeiher, who uses a phone that runs off of Google’s open source Android platform, was interested until he heard that it was pretty much the same old iPhone.

If, he said, Apple was to one day off just some of the customization options that Android does he would gladly jump over to the “dark side.”

“They just all look the same – my mom’s looks just like my dad’s and his looks just like my brother’s,” Zeiher said. “If Apple had some open source elements where you could put some widgets of your choice up there and select some of the programs that you want to run, then I’d get an iPhone.

“Until then, I’m happy with my Android phone.”