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Songs sung blue with Blind Resistance
Brett Matheny and Steve Didion do their thing for the Farmer’s Market crowd. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL
Pinkie Rideau seemed at home while clutching her retro carbon microphone in the gazebo at Library Park.

With her backing band – Blind Resistance – providing classic blues riffs and rock licks, Rideau belted out smooth lyrics that would seem as right at home with the muddy water of the Mississippi River as the backdrop. It gave families at Tuesday’s Manteca Farmers Market some entertainment that they could enjoy.

Pinkie and Blind Resistance – a group combined of sax player Bret Matheney, guitarist Curt Hartmann, drummer Alex Morison, and special guest Bill Didion (Rideau’s husband) – weren’t the only ones in attendance to offer up some music for the people to enjoy on a comfortable evening.

Several members of the Stockton Boys Home took the stage to perform as a horn section – giving Pinkie and her accomplices a much needed break.

“Somebody very famous said you don’t sing the blues because you’re blue, you sing the blues because you’re happy,” Rideau said. “Basically, we’re up there just trying to be as happy as we possibly can.

“As the band leader sometimes I have to tap somebody to let them know that it’s their turn to solo, or that it’s time to let somebody else go – you get so wrapped up into the music.”

While the temperature last week neared the century mark during the Manteca Farmer’s Market, Tuesday’s 80-degree evening brought out even more families to enjoy one of the town’s unique community-based quirks.

It also gave Rideau a chance to enjoy her favorite part of performing at live outdoor venues like Library Park.

“I love to see all of the little kids playing, dancing, having a good time,” she said. “Last time I was here we had a group of kids that (came) up and wanted to play my guitar – it’s nice to know that you’re having some sort of influence on these kids because the ones that get involved in things like sports and music are more likely to stay out of trouble. It’s great to see kids from the Stockton Boys home here playing music.”

Rideau often travels throughout Northern California to play various shows – opening for people like Los Lonely Bones and Daniel Castro. You can find a full list of her upcoming shows at

The farmers market continues through the end of August on Tuesdays from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Library Park.

For more information regarding the farmers market, contact the Manteca Visitors Center at 823-7229.