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Spiritual advice from East Yosemite psychic
Christina Adams offers spiritual advice at 632 E. Yosemite Ave. - photo by HIME ROMERO
When spiritual advisor Christina Adams told me that my lifeline didn’t run very deep, I figured that I was in for a very long palm reading.

I could picture the black tarot card of death flipping down onto the table, or a tombstone appearing through the crystal ball – not exactly the opening line I wanted to hear during my first trip to a psychic to see exactly what the experience was truly like.

But while bracing for a meteor to come crashing through the ceiling, Adams – who was giving me the “introductory” palm reading for $10 – started hitting on subjects that quickly took my mind of my impending doom and had me hanging on to each and every word that came out of her mouth.

Before I go on any further, in the spirit of full disclosure, I was never really receptive to the whole concept of the psychic world and the ability of someone to know somebody’s particular future or destiny.

I would shy away from shows that included this in their premise, and thought the idea of police departments employing psychics was patently ridiculous.

This stance, however, was based purely on personal choice and not on any religious platform – like what happened a few years ago when a psychic set to speak at the Ripon Memorial Library caused uproar in the strong faith-based community and created a rift between the City Council and the organization that was going to host that event.

Biblical concerns never really even entered the picture for me.

But less than two minutes after glancing at my palm, my new spiritual advisor (you better believe I’m going back) was hitting on deeply personal issues that only my closest friends actually know about.

Even a devout skeptic like me had to wonder how she knew some of the facets of my complex love life – hitting points that actually made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. While the nature of the advice isn’t important, I can say that I left with a smile and the reassurance that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

And even the negative lifeline comment came with some sort of solace. She was quick to tell me that I like to help people whenever possible, and I was a charismatic and outgoing person – quite the observation since I hadn’t really had the chance to say a whole lot.

I’m sure that people that I talk to in the coming days about this experience will blow it off as a one time thing and simply a fad that will be gone like yesterday’s technology (anyone who knows me will get this reference quite well.)

But the truth is that I’ve uncorked something that I know almost nothing about, and the fact that it has existed for thousands of years and still continues today right here in Manteca is reason enough to dig a little bit deeper.

Don’t expect me to plan my events based on the daily horoscope. But a little deep thinking might do the mind a little bit of good.

Let’s just hope that it’s better than my short lifeline.

Christina’s business is located at 632 E. Yosemite Avenue. In addition to palm reading, she also offers tarot card reading and a crystal ball session. For more information, call 740-8263.